Im just a guy that loves this work too much. I spend more hours in front of the computer than I spend hanging out with my family and that is a fact that probably a lot of us share in this industry, or that is even just the reality of the working conditions of intellectual workers in this century.

Today, I was lucky enough to be part of a extremely high level conversation between two of the most important creative leaders in this business. And a phrase came up that struck a never on me and that was the title of this post: Consistency of Vision.

I can only write from my own experience, and I believe this is, by far the main differentiator in business success that you can have in the creative industry.

Vision, is the most important trait of a creative individual. Not only this, but also on a human level, in any industry, craft or anything for that matter.

It the ability to connect to the imagination, with vivid clarity, imagine things and articulate it to someone else and create something out of it.

One can say there are different manifestation of vision, one can be a visionary storyteller and write amazing books that keep readers engaged and motivated to turn the pages, others can be more visionaries in terms of ideas and communicate things to the world that make you see things from different perspectives and points of view, perhaps convince you and even change your mind about things.

Visionaries, worldbuilders in the creative industry are the ones that can tap into a world of unseen things, environments, atmospheres and creatures, and can imagine realities where the rules are made by us. How do these worlds look and feel? What type of details we get to appreciate, smells, sound.

The more you can connect and enrich this inner world, the richer your visual output will be. The more you think and work to expand the resolution of the things that you are experiencing in your imagination, the more interesting your work is going to be.

There will be challenges that arise, that seek to put you away from your vision, voices and opportunities that want to influence the way you see things. Some will enrich you, some will make you lose time.

And time is running out. Keep the vision clear, and consistent. You will get there.