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10 brutally honest pieces of advice to my former designer self.

I was not meant to be a graphic designer, or even less a creative director for real time interactive and metaverse experiences. I majored in 20th century history at high school and then did …
January 18, 2024
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Design is following instructions.

To design is to lie and cheat reality, to bring forward something that didnt exist before into this world and perform a function that before, was not possible. But also to design, is to …
January 16, 2024
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The Fabric of Creativity

"Creativity and knowledge and explanation are all fundamentally impossible to define, because once you have defined them, then you can set up a formal system in which they are then confined" David Deutsch This …
January 15, 2024
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Creative Productivity

In this post I will reveal the things that I have found to boost creative productivity and help you scale your creative output. Bear in mind this are just frameworks that I have discovered …
January 14, 2024
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Consistency Of Vision

Im just a guy that loves this work too much. I spend more hours in front of the computer than I spend hanging out with my family and that is a fact that probably …
December 3, 2023
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I recently discovered that the fastest way to improve productivity working with creative teams.

Unlocking maximum productivity within creative teams is about a combination of clarity of vision, perfect communication and preparedness. Let’s delve deeper into each aspect to harness their transformative power. Clarity of vision It is …
November 19, 2023
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The secret to infinite creative productivity.

In this post I will show you how you can increase your productivity 10x and get to better results faster in any creative discipline. We'll uncover the essence of perseverance and the iterative process …
November 7, 2023
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Brief Essay On Originality

I don't think I can write something truly original today, I'm tired. And I have to admit that, sometimes I use chat gpt to get rid of nuances, but I obviously hate the final …
November 6, 2023
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Love, Death and Designing the Metaverse

Metaverse Design A frame from Joytopia 3 created at Journee I love the metaverse. I would read of metaverse design in those consulting forecasts, or blog articles about "10 future jobs unleashed by the …
November 5, 2023
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The Art of Online Inspiration

Let's have a think about references and I will tell you why you scroll down pinterest when an idea itches your head and you can't truly nail it. We usually have amazing ideas in …
November 2, 2023