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Currently working full-time as Creative Director at Journee. Building the beautiful metaverse.

Constantly curious. Exploring the intersecting space of design and technology.


My focus is on concepting and design with a strong sense on refined and modern aesthetics.

I can transform a normal –and even boring brief– into an amazing concept and clearly visualize it and guide the client through the whole process. I creat my own styleframes and visuals and deliver them to your team ready for production.

The best approach is to get involved at the very early stages of the process so that I can taylor solutions that will help your clients get the most out of the relationship.


After years of working next to CEOs, founders and all types of decision makers I understand their mindset and can help them transform design problems into visually delightful experiences tha bring results to the table.


Animation. VFX & Motion graphics

  • 10+ years working at top production companies.
  • C4D - Octane & Redshift
  • Blender - Cycles & EEVEE

Startups, The Metaverse, NFTs and Web3

  • Been part of a fast paced young startup for a year where I  helped build a 3D product on the web where I was developing 3D pipelines.

  • Explored hands on the metaverse, sold NFTs and helped build videogames within the crypto space.


I cut my teeth doing global rebrand work for Sony and MTV, then travelled around Europe doing design work for Robbie Williams, Fox Entertainment, DW, Lady Gaga and then worked as a Director for animated projects in top German production houses OPTIX and Sehsucht. I got a business degree and helped Sehsucht expand their work into the American market brining in jobs for The Boston Celtics and in China with projects for OPPO x League of Legends. I have a great strategic mind and I know how clients and decision makers work.

Done consulting for artists such as Extraweg managing projects for Apple TV.

I have also worked in the startup world helping the team at build a browser based application that builds realtime 3D photography to creatives.

I understand also the NFT and web3 space, I know its potential and limitations. I know all aspects of production related to animation, visual effects and web implementation with javascript and threejs.

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Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 170 1123 015
Twitter: @_vvsvs
Instagram: @_vvsvs

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