"Creativity and knowledge and explanation are all fundamentally impossible to define, because once you have defined them, then you can set up a formal system in which they are then confined"

David Deutsch

This quote is an antidote to techno-doomers and those that only see the progress in AI as something that needs to be forced and constrained and regulated.

Indeed AI will replace some jobs, but it will also liberate others.

It will create a new class of creatives. And it will also create its new class of creative genre. It's already doing it. But there is always a human puppet master behind it.

AI still needs a human behind it because creativity and knowledge cannot be defined. It is being trained on human information, it is recycling things at a supernatural pace, so it will always be cursed by our own human flaws.

Will we ever find a good explanation for creativity? It is impossible to define, but it is very possible to find frameworks to use the tools to your advantage.

Working at Journee really puts a creative spin to technology. It is the first time in my life I see technology and art and creativity work in such beautiful synergy. I love to see those principles from computer sciences and the mental models utilized for giving instructions to computer, into the creative realm.

If you are able to see those patterns in action, it is indeed a beautiful thing. There was a missing layer in the creative industry, and it was of breaking down things and tasks logically, and giving instructions on how to make certain things repeatable and scalable.

There always was in my views a split between those who focus on craft, and those who use for example, code to generate art. But now tools allow for generating things with a bit more direction, can break new grounds.

Scaling art, with the use of AI and real time tools as just a way to get to places faster and cheaper will open so many new layers of expression people will not believe. We are creating our own fabric of reality.

The day we are able to define creativity, it is the day when we know everything, and that is an impossible statement. We do not have that capacity, but we do have that potential to imagine the infinite. That makes me optimist about being human, in a world driven by accelerating technologies.