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Decentralized Thinking 2.0

I remember when I visited Los Angeles for the first time the Uber driver that took me through the airport said to me “Some people here are living the dream, chasing the dream and selling the dream”. I will never forget that.

Crypto seems to be a dream like economy. The mathematical background makes that dream difficult to wake up, but we forget that it’s humans who are sharing this collective hallucination, and I don’t really get a kick trying to explain crypto to family members anymore. It’s not fun to be so skeptical.

The crypto space moves up and down.

$SOS drops have made a massive shockwave around the NFT community, a little fuck you to the news of OpenSea’s IPO. An interesting power move, getting ahead of any potential Token release, from a strategic point of view will they end up selling the project to OpenSea? The space really is the wild west.

And Bitcoin prices have crashed again, everyone is speculating and waiting for it to break the 53K barrier in hopes of a new bull run.

Last year we’ve seen Bitcoin’s price almost double since the beginning of the year and Ethereum’s value increased 450%. Everyone is hoping for the same this year, but even though I expect that prices will go up, we are getting closer and closer to crypto’s black swan.

Stablecoins don’t seem as stable as they promise. At this point I’m guessing everyone is at least mildly aware that coins are a good mixture of scam, empty promises and high failure rates, specially when projects are airdropping millions of dollars in value in tokens it’s hard to believe that something strange is going on.

Question is, should we double our bet in crypto or follow those that are so heavily invested that it is in their best interest to sell the dream?

I love the tech behind it, the Bitcoin whitepaper is an elegant marvel and its beauty and simplicity really make you a believer but sooner or later the bubble is going to pop and it’s going to be disastrous.

The US has been opening congressional hearings and the only thing I notice is how ridiculous it look when everyone’s wearing Apple Watches. How the US embraces or rejects crypto is going to be one of the most interesting developments of 2022 and probably for the upcoming years. It would be a pity to see crypto being put on a leash.

On the other hand, I’m very happy with all the new technological ideas and market crypto is opening. Still curious of what is going to happen in the NFT space. Beeple earning 100 million in primary sales and now joking around in the Joe Rogan podcast is great for the art community, the Metaverse starting to get traction with Nike acquiring RTFKT Studio, opening new avenues for a digital first generation is a lot of fun to watch.

I think the key here is to take long term bets in these projects, understand the tech, what can be good for and what not, and try to develop a cool head to navigate through the hype and FOMO.

On my side, I’m thinking about acquiring an NFT project that involves raccoons. So far my most stupid decisions in the crypto space have proven the most profitable. Maybe the space is perfect for an idiot such as myself.


VVSVS β€” is the creative platform of Ivan Flugelman. A creative based in Berlin exploring the relationships between art, design and technology with a passion for moving content.



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