This videoclip is perfect.

I don't know much about hip-hop culture, maybe just enough to understand some of the basic subtleties I can perceive with this masterpiece. Rising star white rapper, goes deeper and deeper into trends, fads, going through a physical transformation that eventually get him tired, out of energy while a crowd of young replacements swallows him while they show off and battle for being next in line. At the end a strong aggressive and angry fan base imposes themselves toward the camera.

In the middle of the crowd, Gessafelstein's dark figure stoically appears, as if always been there, his style, evolved but uncompromised, against all these other hip-hop trends that he himself has helped elevate, and fades into the dark, the image and the sound perfects descent.

This track doesn't feel like it was thought to be a hit, it doesn't sound like one, but the decision to make a video clip out of it definitely elevates its status and brings something unique into this world. Makes it play over and over in my mind in repeat. Makes me think, about how simple an audiovisual combination, world class music, and uncompromising style can craft such raw and exquisite darkness and turn it into art.

The videoclip is also a masterclass in editing. Matching perfectly to the music, those loop cuts, camera matches keep the spectator engaged, elevating the medium, because every time the camera moves, the frames change and the character has changed too, whilst the background stayed the same. There probably is a ton of VFX that we don't notice. Congrats, this work is timeless.

I really would have loved to see the pitch deck and witness the director Manu Cossu, previously directed also one of my ultimate videoclips also from Gessafelstein: Pursuit.