Hello world!

Hello. Just a little heads up. The beginning might get quite boring quite fast. So I will just lay it out for you. I have no idea what this is going to become.

There is so many things that are currently under my radar. My strength comes from 10 years as a creative, and the last two years I have been focusing on adding business knowledge as part of my personal development journey.

So, I decided not to be “just a designer”, stop chasing trends, keeping up with the latest plugin and try to focus on bigger aspects, since I really believe that understanging business is a superpower when it comes to creative endeavours.

I want to figure out things such as pricing, positioning, marketing, business devolpment and how to create value using a creative first approach.

I have been studying design thinking, some HTML, CSS and Python, macroeconomics, 20th century history and systems design. A bit of a salad of topics and themes, and I hope that I can produce some quality content.

I hope I can keep up and make this blog work. I will start pouring the things I learn and hope to create value to you, dear reader. But the basic assumption is this: I don’t know what this will become.

The idea is to have a flexible platform that can mutate with my disperse interests and shape it as I go.

The basic plan is for the moment, use the basic of the basic of WordPress and learn HTML and CSS to be able to translate what I already started designing “mobile first” in Adobe XD. I’m not sure I want to become a web developer, but I do want to understand the structures, and how everything is built.

Perhaps this blog is just a documentation of a crazy journey that started a long, long time ago. I have other ideas, but I will keep them to myself as I roll out more and more posts.

Hope I make a next one! See you soon.